Working Papers (with drafts upon request)

Minimum Wages, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Mental Health Around Pregnancy (with Karen Smith Conway)

The Dependent Coverage Mandate and Mental Health by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender (with Shyam Raman)

Recreational Cannabis Laws and Mental Health

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Labor Force Participation of People with Disabilities (with Andrew Houtenville)

Works in Progress


Medicare Part D and Senior Deaths of Despair (with Benjamin Harrell)

Minimum Wages and Labor Market Outcomes for People with Disabilities

Mental Health Care Utilization Differences for Transgender and Cisgender Medicare Beneficiaries (with Shyam Raman and Ashley C. Bradford)

 Levels and Variation in of Behavioral Health Networks and Prices for Commercially Insured and Medicaid Patients in the US

Published Works 

Second Job Holding Among Direct Care Workers and Nurses: Implications for COVID-19 Transmission in Long-Term Care (with Reagan A. Baughman and Kristin E. Smith)